Primo Cell is a wealthy business man that Molly Moon  meets in the second book (Molly Moon Stops the World). initially, they are enemies, but at the end of the book Molly discovers that he was hypnotized by Cornelius Logan, and still has good inside him. He is also the wife of Lucy Logan, and the father of Molly Moon and Micky Moon.

Molly Moon Stops the WorldEdit

In Molly Moon Stops the World, he is the main antagonist until the end of the book when Molly discovers that he is her father. Primo Cell had various brands all owned by him with some part of his name in the name of the brand. He was growing really powerful. So much, that by the end of the book he had won the presidential elections. This was because he hypnotized thousands celebrities to advertise his products and to come to his house for parties so that he gets really popular.  

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