The Maharaja of Waqt is power-crazy, megalomaniacal master hypnotist. He is bent on world domination and killing Molly. It is revealed that he hypnotized Cornelius Logan when he was a little boy, who hypnotized Lucy Logan, who hypnotized Primo Cell. Waqt is scaly and wrinkly from time travel. He is extremely skillful with time travel, however Molly quickly surpasses him. He has an assistant named Zackya, who was supposed to kidnap a Molly from the past who had not yet learned hypnotism, though he made a mistake and the events in the third book took place. Waqt traveled everwhere to reach crystal fountains that made crystals appear from the earth. He wanted to use as much crystals as possible to travel to the Bubble of Light at the beginning of time, but Molly proves that only one crystal is needed much to Waqt's dismay. "Waqt" is Hindi for "time".

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