The Hardwick House Orphanage (Now the Happiness House) is the orphanage Molly Moon, Rocky Scarlet, and other characters lived in. The orphanage is in Briersville, England. Ms. Trinklebury is a nanny who came once a week, before Mrs. Adderstone left to fly planes. When Mrs. Trinklebury took over, she renamed it the Happiness House. Characters associated with the orphanage are:

  • Molly Moon, an orphan
  • Rocky Scarlet, an orphan
  • Mrs. Adderstone, head of the orphanage
  • Mrs. Trinklebury, a nanny
  • Edna, the cook
  • Hazel, an orphan
  • Ruby Azle, an orphan
  • Cynthia and Craig Redmon, sibling orphans
  • Gordon Boils and Roger Fibbin
  • Gerry Oakley, orphan
  • Jemma Patel, orphan
  • Jinx, an orphan
  • Petula, Mrs. Adderstone's pug.

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