A fusion feeling is a sensation that a hypnotist feels whilst they hypnotize something, animate or inanimate. If the fusion feeling is not felt by the hypnotist whilst hypnotizing, then the victim isn't properly hypnotized.

Warm fusion feelingEdit

This sensation is felt by a hypnotist whilst hypnotizing a conscious being, such as a human or a dog. It feels like a tingly warmth rising from the hypnotist's feet to their head.

Molly Moon first experienced this sensation when she hypnotized Petula.

Cold fusion feelingEdit

This sensation is felt by a hypnotist whilst attempting to hypnotize an inanimate object. It feels like ice is flowing in the hypnotist's veins; a tingly frozen feeling all around their body.

Molly Moon first partially experienced this sensation when she 'hypnotized' a topiary dog statue in Briersville. The second time she partially experienced this when she 'hypnotized' a suitcase on an aeroplane. When she first completely allowed the sensation to envelope her by 'hypnotizing' a tortoiseshell clip, she froze time and stopped the world.

The cold fusion feeling is used extensively when manipulating time. Clear crystals are needed in order to fully utilize the cold fusion feeling.

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