Master hypnotists can use crystals to use chronokinesis, the ability to manipulate time. A clear crystal is used to stop time. When a hypnotist freezes time, they essentially feel a "cold fusion feeling" instead of the normal "warm, fuzzy fusion feeling" experienced after hypnotizing a person or an animal. This cold feeling was first experienced by Molly when she tried to hypnotize inanimate objects. A cold fusion feeling makes the hypnotist feel very cold and the clear crystal also feels very cold. A green crystal is used to go backwards in time, and a red crystal is used to go forward in time. Molly discovers that some green and red crystals have scars on them which can be opened up by hypnotizing the crystal. When the crystals' scars open up, the scars look like eyes, and the user of the crystal can go as fast as they want to travel in the timestream, forward or backwards, depending on the crystal being used. Master hypnotists' crystals are said to be drawn towards their user.